Get Started with Text Inspector

To start using Text Inspector

Type or paste some text into the Text Box. You should cut out any odd or foreign characters as they will distort the analysis.

Then press Start Workflow below it:

Start workflow

Numbers in your text

If you want to exclude numbers from your analysis, click in the Exclude all digits box. This will allow you to analyse only the words in the text.

Analyse more than one text

If you want to SPLIT your text and analyse it as more than one document, you can use the Split tool.

Look below the Text Box and you will see the words ‘Split documents with delimiter’ beside a small text box with —EOD—or in it. (Currently it has as the default)


If you put —EOD— or #  or the divider of your choice into your text, and click in the box, then the tool will split your text at that point. This tool is useful if you want to compare the data on more than one text at once.

You can also put ANY text into the box to split your text. For example if you want to split the text on the word ‘AND’, type that word into the text box and tick the check box. When you click the Start Workflow button, the tool will split your text every time it sees that word:

split 2

Uploading texts

You can also upload texts in.txt format, in the right-hand section of the main page. You should make sure that your texts do not use unusual symbols as these will not work in Text Inspector.

If your text does not work, try saving it in UTF-8 format first, as this sometimes works better.