Special Summer 2017 offer – amazing 50% discounts

Sorry – this offer ended on August 31st 2017.

To celebrate winning the British Council international ELTons award for Digital Innovation, we are offering amazing 50% offers on 6 month and 12 month subscriptions on our most popular subscription for the summer of 2017.

How to get your discount

  1. If you have not registered, register for a free account at www.textinspector.com 
  2. Go to Your Subscription in the dropdown menu
3. You will see this screen:
4. At the bottom put in the voucher code you want. You have two options:
Option 1:     will give you a 50% discount on a 12 month Standard + EVP subscription – a massive saving of £32.50
Option 2:    will give you a 50% discount on a 6 month Standard + EVP subscription
– a massive saving of £16.50.
Then continue to pay via Paypal and enjoy Text Inspector at a discount!


Offer ends August 31st 2017. Any questions, email us on textinspectorhelpteam@gmail.com.