Getting Started With Text Inspector

The perfect solution for anyone who wants to measure the vocabulary and discourse difficulty level of any English text.

Understand your texts in more detail than you thought possible.

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To start analysing your texts…

1. Enter Your Text

Type or paste some text into the text box.

You should cut out any odd or foreign characters as they will distort the analysis.

Example characters:  ?   !   @   ”   <   >  #

2. Choose Your Style

Depending on the nature of your text, use this drop-down menu to select the Mode of Text.

This can be Writing, Reading or Listening.

3. Excluding Digits

If you want to exclude numbers from your analysis, click in the Exclude all digits box.

This will allow you to analyse only the words in the text.

split hash new
split other new

4. Analyse Multiple Texts

If you want to split your text or analyse more than one document, you can use the Split Document tool.

By default, a hashtag is used (#), but by entering your own character and checking the box, the tool will automatically split the analyses whenever it detects that character.

This will allow you to directly compare texts, as well as just present you with multiple data sets.

5. Adding Custom Words

This tool identifies spelling errors and uses the English Vocabulary Profile (EVP), the British National Corpus (BNC), and the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA), in order to determine the difficulty level of your text.

But, some words will be mistaken for errors or will not be found in our wordlists, which can cause inaccuracies in the overall analysis.

Using the Custom Known Words tool, you can add words that aren’t on our lists but are likely to appear a lot in your text.

custom words

6. Uploading Documents

You can also upload texts in .txt format using the drop-down section on the main page.

You should still make sure that your texts do not use odd characters as these won’t work in Text Inspector.

If your text doesn’t work, try saving it in UTF-8 format first, as this sometimes works better.


All Done!

When you’re happy with the text and settings, simply hit Analyse below the text box for your results.

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Clearing Data

In order to stay secure on our site, you can delete all your text and data using the CLEAR DATA button found under ANALYSE TEXT at the top of your screen.

But, if you want to leave and come back to any results, we’ll keep your data for up to 6 hours before deleting it for you. 

clear data bar

Exporting Data (Subscribers Only)

If you want to export your data, you can click EXPORT on the left side of the results page.

Or for more detailed information, you can click EXPORT STATISTICS AND DETAILS on the AWL, EVP and Metadiscourse pages.

exportstatsanddetails scaled