Managing your users with Organisation Manager

If you have an Organisation Subscription you can easily add any users (if they have registered for a Free account in Text Inspector) to your Organisation. Then they can share the same full privileges as you do.

Step 1: Ask your Guest to Register for a free account at

Step 2: Sign into Text Inspector in the top right hand corner as usual.

Step 3: On the drop down menu choose Organisation.

Step 4: You will now see the Organisation Manager.

Step 5: At the bottom, add in the email address of your Guest and click ADD TO ORGANISATION

Step 6: If your guest is already registered for a free account with Text Inspector, they will immediately become part of your Organisation – you can see their name in the list, as in the picture below. They will now share the privileges which you have.
You can remove them and add different users, up to a total of 10, at any time.