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Text Inspector is the professional web tool for analysing texts.

Winner of the British Council ELTONS awards for Digital Innovation 2017

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Since 2015, Text Inspector has been used by over 140,000 unique users, from 103 countries, and by students and staff at 145 universities and colleges – see a list here. We are used by major publishers such as Cambridge University Press, language schools and many international organisations. Try us, and see for yourself!

How to get going

  • First, watch our QuickStart video on our the Get Started page
  • To understand each Tool click on the Help side menu
  • To ask a question or get help, or tell us about a problem, use the Comments and Questions page or email us at textinspectorhelpteam@gmail.com
NEW: see our unique Scorecard (for subscribers only), giving detailed information about the level of your text. Click here for more information.


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