Text Inspector is the professional web tool for analysing texts

It’s the perfect solution for students, teachers, academics and anyone who wants to measure the vocabulary and discourse difficulty level of any text in English.

To see how Text Inspector works, watch our short explainer video below or try it out now with your own texts.



Understand your texts in more detail than you thought possible

Text Inspector offers detailed analysis of your texts, combining a number of industry standard tests with our unique Scorecard, and presenting all of your data in easy-to-read graphical reports. You have full control over the tagging of the grammatical elements, and with direct access to the underlying data you can gain greater insights, faster.

You can use Text Inspector free for short texts. If you want to use larger texts and more tools you can subscribe from a few pounds/dollars a month.

As standard, Text Inspector includes

  • A high level statistical summary of your text
  • A summary of the text’s lexical diversity
  • Automated tagging of all gramamatical elements, with easy access to edit and add your own unique words
  • Error checking
  • Lexical analysis using the British National Corpus (BNC) and the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)
  • Analysis using Metadiscourse markers
  • Multiple documents can be processed at one time
  • Developer access to our extensive API

Subscribers also gain access to

  • Our unique “Scorecard” which gives a complete summary of all Text Inspector metrics
  • Higher word limits
  • Lexical Analysis using the English Vocabulary Profile (EVP)
  • Full access to export all data from your analyses, in CSV format
  • Developer access to our extensive API

Award-winning analysis for less than a latte

In 2017 we were proud to win the prestigious British Council ELTONS awards for Digital Innovation, and today over 120,000 users rely on Text Inspector’s detailed and unique text analysis algorithms. We are used by major publishers such as Cambridge University Press and by students and staff at 145 universities and colleges in over 100 countries!

Our site is great value – for less than the price of two cups of coffee* you can subscribe for a full month to Text Inspector, with access to everything! Just bring your own cake.

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