7 Useful ESL Websites Ranked

23 June, 2022

Calculating lexical diversity

While many different English as a Second Language (ESL) websites can be employed to help learn English, selecting the  right site and resources can still prove challenging for many students. The ample resources  online can be a great benefit if utilised effectively and cover a wide range of lessons and  lexicon-based tools dependent on the end-use plan for each given individual. For example,  activities that help with grammar, punctuation, and pronunciation will appeal more to those  beginning their ESL journey, or younger learners, while those looking for advanced training  will likely explore a more academic vocabulary range-based tool.  

However, many sites prioritise quick membership sales over component transparency  despite the wealth of ESL tools and resources to select from online. Failure to achieve a  core purpose of making user-friendly interfaces is a common complaint within the ESL  website community, while these sites also quickly bog down novice users in more  complicated material while skimming over basic yet essential knowledge. The opposite end  of this spectrum is equally common, with many sites sticking to the proverbial simple cloth  and failing to challenge their user’s burgeoning language skills over a more extended testing  period.  

As a result, Text Inspector has compiled a list of 7 useful websites for ESL learners of  varying levels. Although not every site listed here covers a complete range of skills, many  users often progress through several of these ESL sites as their competency increases.  Here are our seven most valuable websites for ESL Learners, as well as their features  detailed.

#1 – Starfall 

Starfall is a website for young learners who have just started their ESL journey. Their  curriculum runs from preschool through to year 3, with the difficulty of each course  adequately increasing through the years without scaling too fast in terms of challenge.  Starfall also provides consistently engaging content for young users, from songs to game based reading comprehension, ensuring it ranks as a quality destination for ESL learners  aged 0-3. 


ESL websites starfall

#2 – English Media Lab 

English Media Lab is another excellent ESL website that targets a more varied age range of  learners and therefore garners a higher level of long-term appeal. The site functions as a  mammoth list of activities for all ages, from quizzes to videos, which are in-depth and  excellently fleshed-out learning resources that place real-world applications at the forefront  of their thinking. For example, the section for adults has areas on common colloquial English  expressions that scale in difficulty, meaning English Media Lab can be a valuable resource  for any teacher or student looking to hone their skills at multiple competency levels.


ESL websites English Media Lab

#3 – International Children’s Digital Library

For ESL learning in a more traditional package, the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)  provides thousands of books, all in English, for people of all ages to peruse. This extensive  collection ranges from fiction to nonfiction and includes several plays and picture books for  younger learners. Yet perhaps the best feature of the ICDL site is that all these  aforementioned materials are hosted on their server, which means one subscriptions grants  access to a vast trove of literary materials. These materials range in difficulty, with ICDL  hosting Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol alongside basic ESL comprehension-targeted  nursery rhymes. Simply put, this website is a brilliant place for any English learner or teacher  to find an excellent array of great learning materials at a great price. 


ESL websites International Children's Digital Library

#4 – ESL Video 

In ESL learning, videos can be a highly beneficial tool in simplifying the learning process for  both auditory and visual learners. ESL Video stands alone in this regard, with the site’s  purely video-based and interactive materials covering a wide range of language topics.  There are five tiers of difficulty to the videos, ranging from beginner to advanced, so users  can select which one they are most comfortable with before moving through the ESL Video  tiers that pick apart all manner of everyday interactions from interviews to singing in tandem  with music videos. 


ESL websites ESL Video

#5 – Learnenglishkids 

This site is another example of stellar English learning, this time backed by the British  Council. One of the most varied options on this list, Learnenglishkids, includes songs,  videos, short stories, poems, and other engaging resources designed to cater to a mix of  learning styles and ages. This sheer variety makes it an excellent choice for children who  have short attention spans, with many of the site’s videos designed for bite-sized learning  delivery. Learneglishkids also offers tactile resources, including printing, crafts, and online  games, all designed to hold continued engagement from younger learners who may struggle  with purely auditory or visual instruction.  


ESL websites Learn English Kids

#6 – English Interactive 

English Interactive represents one of the highest standards of ESL-based tutoring currently  online. The site’s affable and approachable video conferencing teams allow for a more  personalized form of learning, which may greatly benefit those looking for a more hands-on  approach to their ESL journey. Although more expensive than other options listed here, 

English Interactive does still represent extraordinary value for money, and the site offers trial  periods and different interactive lesson samples for its prospective customers to try.  


ESL websites English Interactive

#7- FluentU 

FluentU is another example of visual learning, albeit with differing approaches to the  aforementioned ESL sites. FluentU utilises many different types of filmed media, from movie  trailers to inspiring talks, before sculpting this content into personalized lessons tailored for  each customer. Not only is this an incredibly malleable, reactive, and personal way of  learning, but students are also able to choose their topics from the FluentU course lists to  suit their individual learning needs. FluentU simply represents the most agile ESL learning  resource in the current market, which combines colloquial knowledge with an informative  and engaging curriculum that will enhance any advanced student’s ESL journey. 


ESL websites FluentU

Enhance Your ESL Journey With Text Inspector 

In summary, this ranking feature provides several fantastic starting points for those looking  to breathe life into their ESL journey or begin a brand new one. For those considering an  ESL website from this list, it is now easier than ever for users to ascertain which of these  sites is the correct resource using Text Inspector.  

For a streamlined selection experience, users can check each of these ESL sites’ materials  via Text Inspector’s Analyse Text feature to ensure that they are at the right level for their  learning requirements. Furthermore, Text Inspector can help teachers adapt the materials  from these websites to any given curriculum’s requirements, making the creation of learning  materials a fluid, tailor-made process at any competency level. Put simply, Text Inspector  provides a clear benchmark for any given ESL websites’ learning level, allowing its users to  make an informed decision whenever they consider an ESL website’s subscription model. 

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