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23 June, 2022

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Are you a Text Inspector Super User?

We are looking for a panel of experienced Text Inspector subscribers to get involved and help us improve and promote our industry-leading text analysis tool for the future.

Do you use Text Inspector on a regular basis for your research or studies? Are you acquainted with the analysis tools? Confident with the CEFR? We are looking for a group of skilled users of Text Inspector to help us develop the website and tool. This could be through feedback sessions, experimenting with new features, functionality testing, and more. We have great ideas for future improvements in Text Inspector and require input from you, our supporters, to ensure we add the tools that will help you in your own studies and work. 

Text Inspector is a social enterprise run by volunteers, with the aim of furthering research in this area and helping linguistics students and teachers. 


Would you like to get involved as a Superuser?  We’d love to know, so please email us at and we will get back to you once we start to put this together. 

Thank you!

From the Text Inspector Help Team

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