Here you can see the latest BBC news articles with their associated Text Inspector score and level, based on the fluency of the article.

Text Inspector’s Analysis of Highlights from the BBC News Feed

The BBC has long been a trusted source of high-quality, accurate and trustworthy news and current affairs information. It’s language content is also analysed frequently within fields linguistic study and language analysis. 


What would the Text Inspector language analysis tools say about its language? What CEFR level is the language used by the BBC?


That’s exactly what we set out to find out. Scroll down to find out what Text Inspector discovered about a selection of their most recent articles.

Text Inspector Analysing news feed from BBC

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  • Chip wars: The US v China
  • Chips that power nearly all electronic devices are at the heart of the battle for global dominance.

  • TextInspector Score 58.46 and Level C1

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