The Text Inspector story

Text Inspector was the brainchild of Professor Stephen Bax.

After designing and developing the online prototype, Stephen was told by his family and friends that he needed professional help (in many ways), so he approached the web team at Versantus, based near Oxford in the UK.

Since then, the talented Versantus team have knocked it into shape in terms of design and functionality. Stephen’s research into lexis in texts still underpins the metrics used on the site.

Sadly in November 2017 Stephen passed away. Along with family, friends and colleagues of Stephen’s, the Text Inspector team continues working to implement Stephen’s extensive plans.

Text Inspector is a voluntary project. All money made goes into the running and development of the tool because Stephen’s purpose in building the tool was academic and aimed to develop understandings of language and learning.

Text Inspector is supported by their academic partners: The Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment (CRELLA) at the University of Bedfordshire.

Text Inspector is happy to answer any queries on the technical details, via our Help email ( or on our Help site query form.