The Tagger tool

This tool analyses your text according to its parts of speech such as nouns, verbs and prepositions. It is based on a modified version of TreeTagger. The full list of tags used can be seen below.

You can see a Summary of the analysis, and then details below.

If you think that the tagger has not analysed a word correctly, you can go down to the section called Amend Text, click on the tag, choose another one, and then click Update. This will change the totals in the Summary.

Other tools use the Tagger analysis, so if you correct anything now it will make later analyses more accurate.

The Text Inspector tags


This is the list of the 63 tags used in the Text Inspector Tagger tool

CO = coordinating conjunction
CD = cardinal number
DT = determiner
DAT = determiner, article
DTW = wh-determiner
EX = existential there
FW = foreign word
IN = preposition/subord. conj.
THAT = complementizer
JJ = adjective
JJR = adjective, comparative
JJS = adjective, superlative
LS = list marker
MD = modal
NN = noun, singular or mass
NNS = noun plural
NP = proper noun, singular
NPS = proper noun, plural
PDT = predeterminer
GE = possessive ending
PN = pronoun neutral
PP = personal pronoun
PP$ = possessive pronoun
PWH = wh-pronoun
PWS = possessive wh-pronoun
RB = adverb
RBR = adverb, comparative
RBS = adverb, superlative
QQ = particle
STOP = end punctuation
SYM = symbol
TO = to
UH = interjection

VB = verb be, base form
VBD = verb be, past
VBG = verb be, gerund/participle
VBN = verb be, past participle
VBZ = verb be, pres, 3rd p. sing
VBP = verb be, pres non-3rd p.
VD = verb do, base form
VDD = verb do, past
VDG = verb do gerund/participle
VDN = verb do, past participle
VDZ = verb do, pres, 3rd per. sing
VDP = verb do, pres, non-3rd per.
VH = verb have, base form
VHD = verb have, past
VHG = verb have, gerund/participle
VHN = verb have, past participle
VHZ = verb have, pres 3rd per. sing
VHP = verb have, pres non-3rd per.
VV = verb, base form
VVD = verb, past tense
VVG = verb, gerund/participle
VVN = verb, past participle
VVP = verb, present, non-3rd p.
VVZ = verb, present 3rd p. sing.
WRB = wh-abverb
XX = negative particle
: = general joiner
$ = currency symbol
, = comma
??? = unknown token type