Text Inspector’s Role In Helping ZenGengo create a CEFR Leveled Digital Library Of English Lessons

23 June, 2022

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The teaching of English in the modern age has evolved drastically in the past decade. Even in the last few years, there has been continuous development in teaching English both as a second language and primary communication source. The rise of the Internet in contemporary culture has compelled language teachers to adapt to a wide range of different teaching contexts, whether hybrid, blended, or entirely online. As a result, language teachers need to access a diverse range of tools and resources that can be utilized effectively and immediately in any given teaching situation. 

This is is precisely the area in which ZenGengo thrives. Zengengo leads the way with many digital tools for language teachers, offering ten differing functions that cover all four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Recently we, Textinspector.com, have partnered with Zengengo to allow them to use our API tool. Our API can help companies with the analysis of many documents in a short amount of time. ZenGengo set out to achieve the task of analysing the whole of Wikipedia with the use of our API. The website has over 6 million articles, so this process was no easy feat. Our API allowed them to do this amazingly quickly, and they have gone on to say that this “would not have been possible without access to the Text Inspector API, and we fully recommend the use of their tool.” This is glowing praise from Zengengo, and we at Text Inspector are glad that we could help with such an incredible task.

As of February 2022, ZenGengo has launched a new feature: a CEFR-levelled digital library of interactive four-skills English lessons that both language teachers and learners can easily and freely access. One of the critical features of this new library is that it can be filtered according to any of the 6 CEFR (Central European Framework of Reference) proficiency levels, from A1 to C2, as shown below:

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ZenGengo’s Lesson Library offers a wide range of interactive digital language lessons leveled to the six bands of CEFR with the help of Text Inspector.

All lessons in this library consist of a reading passage that creates interactive speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities. CEFR leveling of these passages was made possible with the help of Text Inspector. Text Inspector provides Zengengo with detailed information on the readability, complexity, and lexical diversity of many pieces of text, using over 200 metrics to determine the CEFR band of any given text.

Regular users of Text Inspector may or may not know that it is a tool created further to develop the understanding of understanding language and second language acquisition. As a non-profit organization, Text Inspector invests every penny they make back into the running and development of their tool, with Text Inspector’s recent agency partnership, with Zengengo the latest example here.

As we at Text Inspector provided ZenGengo with access to our API, we enabled tens of thousands of texts to be processed in such a short amount of time, concurrently updating their Lesson Library to feature approximately 80 lessons at the time of writing. Furthermore, ZenGengo intends to draw on this vast database of texts to add many more classes in the future.


As a result, Zengengo hopes that English teachers everywhere will find their Lesson Library an indispensable resource as digital modes of teaching and learning continue to be widely adopted across the globe. We here at Text Inspector hope the same for our friends at Zengengo and all of us here. We believe our tool is of incredible value to the English Language, and we hope that this is a showcase of that. Our API allows for excellent analysis in such a short amount of time and we hope it is able to help others in their missions to make learning English so much better.

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